Application Development.
Areas we cover within our Development Services: Mobile Applications, E-Commerce, Web Applications, Touch Applications, Content Management Systems.
Solutions for
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With digital transformations underway in practically every industry under the sun, development has now become more important than ever before – and no one understands that like we do at Synthesis Corp. That is exactly why we’re offering a multitude of services and comprehensive development solutions for our clients to ensure that they continue to progress and succeed in the digital world of today

Offering services that range from mobile applications and web applications to elaborative and responsive websites based on e-commerce, we’ve truly got something for everyone at Synthesis Corp! With customer satisfaction as our driving force, we’re committed to providing high quality services and solutions that are not only competitive, but also relevant

Mobile Applications.

With around 5 billion mobile phone users globally, there can’t be a better time than now for you to start considering mobile application development. At Synthesis, we’re experienced in crafting and developing responsive and innovative mobile applications from scratch. Motivated and passionate about what they do, our team can help you realize your wildest ideas into seamless mobile applications that are not only flexible, but also scalable enough to keep up with ever-changing requirements

Whether you’re looking for an impeccable user interface or functionalities like no other, we’ve been in the dojo long enough to know how to crush your competitors and help you rise to the top


Over the past few years, online businesses have gained popularity like never before owing to the potential that they have. Knowing that our clients, too, would like to hop on the bandwagon, we’re offering impeccable e-commerce services to help you make the most of your brand or business online
Our multi-faceted solutions will not only focus on the user experience, but will also offer seamless integration to help you grow and expand your business online whenever you can

Web Applications.

At Synthesis, we make it a point to leverage all of the latest technologies in the best way possible to ensure that we are able to deliver scalable and powerful applications. Using various development processes such as Agile, Scrum, Kanban, Waterfall, Extreme Programming and others, we don’t consider our work done until we’ve provided you with a fully functional and interactive application that you’re satisfied with.
With intelligent and secure features, it is not only beautiful and fast, but is also able to drive the right results at the right time

Touch Digital.

In addition to our development services, we are also skilled at leveraging design elements to ensure that your customers and users get the best experience possible. Since we understand the importance of interactivity more than anyone else, we make it a point to create applications and software that are not only aesthetically appealing, but also offer a completely unique experience
With our touch applications, we do not only offer a number of functionalities that users can enjoy, but also ensure that the experience keeps them coming back for more. Skilled at crafting impeccable touch screen applications and interactive wall screen displays, we’re equipped with all of the knowledge to help realize your unique ideas and create applications that your users and audiences won’t be able to get enough of

CRM/CMS/ERP Systems.

While the phrase content is king may sound clichéd, we endorse the fact that content has never been more important than it is today. Since we understand how important a seamless content management system is for the success of your brand or business online, we’re offering services and support for some of the leading content management systems in the world today including Drupal, WordPress, Kentico, Sitecore, SharePoint and Microsoft Dynamics.